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Required Course!

"I highly recommend Robin Knudsen, whether you are trying to learn more about yourself and improve your career or trying to improve the workflow and success of an entire team. I recently brought Robin in to work with my department (14 people), and was so impressed with the results. Within one day, we had insight into existing team dynamics and had targeted personality types for new hires, which would plug gaps in our group. She also gave us a common language so that we could more efficiently apply the right personnel resources to existing and new projects. I'd like for any future hires go through this program immediately."


-Monica Landers, Austin, Vice-President Innovations, Demand Media


"Working with Robin has proved to be nothing short of eye-opening. She introduced me to a process that clearly distinguishes the overlaps and the unique differentiators that my business partner and I bring to our non-profit enterprise. This is just the insight we need to propel our business forward."


-Sherrie Berger, Los Angeles, Co-Founder, Designed Giving, Non-Profit


We are moving at a clip, so exciting!

"I must say, the time we spent together has given me a confidence boost. Sherrie and I frequently refer to our Talent Dynamics profiles.. Very motivated by the clarity. We have had a couple of meetings this past week in addition to Monica and I know they were stronger because of you."


-Jacqueline Hurwitz, Los Angeles, Co-Founder, Designed Giving, Non-Profit

Clear Picture

"Working with Robin has been of great benefit and motivation to me. Through her consulting work and clear communication, I've been able to understand, assess, and create a more confident and clear picture of what my role and efforts should be in my work. I can't recommend enough Robin's expertise, professionalism and value to any professional."


- Stuart Cameron, Austin, Director of Business Development at Seiko Nextage Corp

New Business & Balance

"When I first met Robin I was working as a director in a large construction company. I was frustrated with the lack of accountability the company had for our clients and stressed trying to manage so many irons in the fire. I spent so many nights out a week entertaining that there was very little balance in my work/life equation. During the time that Robin and I worked together I decided that I was going to strike out on my own and set up my own Project Management Consultancy. In so doing, I have completely revamped the way I work. I am no longer frustrated by others not delivering to the same high standard that I hold and the only stress I have now is managing all the new clients I have! I can highly recommend working with Robin – as she will always hold you accountable to what you say is important to you in life and even more importantly, help you get there."


-Simon Davenport, London, Founder, Simon Davenport Associates, www.simondavenportassociates.co.uk

Most Insightful

"The psychometric assessment was one of the most insightful looks I have ever done into my personality strengths, weakness, and areas of excellence. What was very interesting was the way in which the assessment was able to demonstrate what roles I serve best in a team environment and what roles and activities I should avoid like the plague. Robin’s insight into the process and the implications in the business world were first class and impactful. I would certainly recommend that if you work in a high performing group or team that you leverage this process and Robin’s expertise."


-Eric Negron, Austin, Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor, Atlantic Capital Advisors


In Flow & Loving It!

"The process Robin used connected with me not only for my business, but also on a deeper level!  Learning more about what gets me into flow was amazing!  My profile will make a huge difference on my effectiveness as a team member.  The importance of being in an environment suited to my individual profile means I will be in flow and doing my best and loving it. I cannot thank Robin enough for her insight and phenomenal gift of explanation and giving me gifts to enhance the performance of my team.  I highly recommend Robin to enhance the creation of value for anyone in business looking to create direct and measurable results."


- Irma Hampton, Austin, Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor, Atlantic Capital Advisors

Individual strength and team potential

"I was impressed with the learnings of your assessment tool. It allows for thorough evaluation of people’s individual strength and potential team dynamics helping to improve the organisation and related business results. I can highly recommend it."


-Joop Broeren, Amsterdam, Managing Partner, Expare WW, www.ExpareWW.com

Positive Shift in My Business

"I recently worked with Robin, and am impressed with the results. The insight and information I received from the assessment have completely changed the way I work. I am now more focused on the areas of my business in which I make the greatest impact on my bottom line. I also know who I need to bring in to complete my team. Robin makes this process painless and I know it has saved me countless lost hours and endless frustration. Robin herself is extremely professional and has the unique ability to hone in on how best to address needs and create the optimal work environment. I recommend Robin for every business and every professional. The positive shift in my business has been dramatic."


-Monique Maley, Austin, Principle at Articulate Persuasion, www.ArticulatePersuasion.com

Expand your horizons

"I’m currently in the process of expanding my business. Robin conducted an assessment on my talent profile. It was incredibly accurate and the assessment helped me think in an entirely different way. It has allowed me to envision an even bigger picture of my business goals and the direction I’m going. I now know the actions to implement to achieve my vision. This will have a major impact in moving my business forward."


-Aglaia Hernandez, London, Founder, Kiom Therapy, www.kiomtherapy.com

Get Aligned to Your Strengths

"Before having my talent assessment with Robin, there were parts of running my business that I really dreaded. During the debrief, in the space of an hour, we came up with at least four ideas for how to positively grow my business that allow me to work to my strengths AND tackle the dreaded issues in ways that feel right and natural to me. I now know how to save my energy for the right things with regards to growing my business. Thanks so much for this Robin!"


- Dina El Tounsy-Garner, London, Owner, www.therapy4muscles.com

Missing Puzzle Piece

"Wow! Within the first few minutes of working with Robin a lightbulb went off. I discovered the piece of the puzzle that I had been missing for a long time. It is not going to be business as usual as I now understand how to effectively deliver the value of my business to the individual audiences I work with. She is a fabulous communicator and really knows her business. She has been able to connect the dots for me in a way that no other person in her field has been able to do. The time spent with her is invaluable and I look forward to future sessions. I highly recommend an initial conversation with Robin and I assure you it will be an eye opening experience."


-Robert Franco, Austin, Senior Vice-President, Texas Capital Bank

Team Building

"I currently work as a Marketing Director. I continually aim to hone my skills at sales and relationship building and to look at what aspects I may be able to improve to increase my own productivity as well as reach company goals. However, I never really thought about what it is that really puts me and keeps me in flow. When I had my strengths assessment with Robin, it became clear how I can better relate with my team in order for me to stay in flow and to help them get into flow – making the team overall function more efficiently and effectively. I can highly recommend committing to an assessment with Robin to see how you can improve your teams and your business."


-Susan Della Penna, Los Angeles, Marketing Director

Clear Next Steps

Every conversation with Robin is thought-provoking. Having recently had my talent assessment, I know I will be able to use the learning to help me easily and clearly identify the next step in my career. Not only was the assessment, and the debrief spot-on, it gave me clarity as to the best way forward for me to use my strengths and skills in a meaningful way. Highly recommended!


-Clare Elliott, London, Finance Director

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