Everyone needs an objective “mirror” – someone that can (and will) challenge you.  Robin will hold you accountable to your values and your goals. She’ll help you identify your true strengths and build on those – as leaders and as team members.  (She uses a psychometric assessment when this is appropriate for both individuals and for teams to highlight those strengths.)


This is important at all levels of a career, but becomes even more so as you ascend that company ladder – whether it’s the big corporate ladder or your own company ladder that you’re building one rung at a time.  With her experience of having worked in (and with) both large multinationals and smaller start--ups, Robin has a knack for determining whether you need a “soft glove” approach or a swift kick in the backside – always delivered with empathy and a sense of humor.



Sometimes the issue is systemic and you need to take a step back and really evaluate the overall situation – the culture, the leadership and the teams in an organization.  This is the deep dive.  She can work with you to determine the scope of the project and how to approach the challenge.  This might include one-to-one interviews, surveys, site visits, business development workshops and/or any combination of the above.  Always with an eye on how this is going to improve the performance of the business and ultimately the bottom line.  Each project is different.



Every team, strong or not, needs the opportunity to reconnect, re-energize, and re-focus. Robin has 1 or 2-day programs that go beyond just simple “feel good” exercises to bring teams to a new stratosphere of ability.  Her program reaches each individual in their language to help them be the best team player they can.  Even just hours into the program, team members have gained powerful information they will use the rest of their careers.



No matter what the project, Robin’s goal is to help you be more effective, and she is often collaborating with other OD, HR and L&D professionals. Past projects include: helping teams brainstorm; facilitating content design and delivery; or just providing the extra pair of hands (and brain) to support large projects.

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